Church of Saint Sophia – Nessebar

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From the sights of Nessebar this week we will present the Church of Saint Sophia.

The Basilica of St. Sophia (Old Metropolis) is one of the symbols of Old Nessebar. It is part of the Architectural and Historical Reserve in the town of Nessebar.
Church of Saint Sophia - Nessebar 1

The original construction of the Old Metropolis dates back to the fifth century. The temple is a three-nave basilica with dimensions – width about 20 m and length about 26 m

Inside the church was plastered with mortar, and its walls were painted with icons of saints. Its entire floor was covered with a mosaic of multicolored, small pebbles.

Church of Saint Sophia - Nessebar 2

Today the Basilica of St. Sophia is visited all year round by thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Located on the supposed old town center.


Church of Saint Sophia - Nessebar 3

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