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Construction-investment company in Bulgaria

Month: April 2020

Preparing for the best summer we've ever had 1

Preparing for the best summer we’ve ever had

Spring is already here and with spring mood and desire our team is preparing the complexes for the coming summer. See moments from our working process in some of the complexes: Complex “Romans Paris” Complex “Romans Marine” Complex “Messembria Resort” and complex “Messembria Palace” Complex “Saint John”

Happy Easter 2020! 2

Happy Easter 2020!

Easter is the day when Christians celebrate the Resurrection of the Son of God Jesus Christ. The week before Easter is full of different beliefs and rituals. Cleaning the homes in anticipation of the holiday is done in the first days of the week. Eggs are painted on Holy Thursday, the first being red. It …

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Forest Week 2020 16

Forest Week 2020

Traditionally, Forest Week is held annually in the first week of April. There are various events dedicated to the protection of forests in Bulgaria. This year, due to the complicated situation of the Coronavirus epidemic, the Executive Agency for Forests canceled the planned events, but challenged young people to write, paint and create on the …

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