The Pearl of Sunny Beach


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Property Details:



Golden Rainbow is distinguished among other beachfront complexes and hotels in Sunny Beach by its specific architecture, which is in harmony with the environment. The buildings are facing the sea and all of the apartments in the complex have a magnificent sea view. Its appearance is a combination of Mediterranean-style neoclassical elements in pastel colors matching the color of the sand. Golden Rainbow is a paradise in the heart of Sunny beach, but in a quiet tranquil place.

The complex is built to meet your special requirements in terms of excellent location, stylish architecture and luxurious interior. Your holiday will be an unforgettable experience as you will have the chance to enjoy beautiful sunrises, a panoramic view to the Old town of Nessebar, warm sea water and the roar of the surf. The nights will be full of fun and romance.


  •  Swimming pool,
  •  Children’s swimming pool,  
  •  Underground parking for 100 cars
  •  Supermarket
  •  Children’s nook with animators.
  •  Outdoor jacuzzi
  •  Beach volleyball and football playground
  •  Pool bar
  •  Massage
  •  Panoramic lobby
  •  The guests can use the beach in front of the complex
  •  Private hunting area 60km from Golden Rainbow.

The buildings are facing the east direction with lots of greenery around the outdoor swimming pool, a private beach and two pool bars. The interior in the lobby and the reception features beautiful hand-made ornaments, granite and marble, following the latest trends.

Golden Rainbow is located in a quiet place with a private beach in the most beautiful southern part of Sunny Beach, where there’s a unique park of dunes and greenery with an area of more than 500 acres . The closeness to both the beach and the park is the incomparable advantage of Golden Rainbow.

15 minutes walk is the distance between Golden Rainbow and the town of Nessebar, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Owners of Golden Rainbow will have the incredible privilege to be so close in their everyday lives to a three-century history, written through the centuries by ancient civilizations like the Thracian, The Greek, The Roman and The Old Bulgarian.

The new part of Nessabar offers the coziness and the conveniences of an all-year-round resort town with high quality lifestyle of its residents and developed infrastructure. The closeness of Golden Rainbow to it gives an opportunity to owners of apartments in the complex for a year-round stay and permanent residence.

25 km away from Sunny beach and Golden Rainbow the city of Bourgas and Bourgas airport are situated. The modern and beautiful Bourgas was chosen for the best city to live in Bulgaria for 2011. 

Monolithic building, natural materials, brick walls, putty and plaster, multilayer thermal and sound insulation, aluminium or PVC windows with thermal break. Italian wrought iron railings. Natural travertine stones on the façade.

Exterior walls insulation properties:

  •  high thermal  insulating capability
  •  resistance to vermin and rot, to cold or hot, fireproof, with low hygroscopicity
  •  High acoustic insulation properties in addition to thermal insulation.

Processing of the external walls:

  •  Glue solution
  •  Polystyrene foam
  •  Brick dowels
  •  Reinforcing liquid
  •  Reinforcing mesh
  •  Plaster putty
  •  Decorative coating
  •  Façade paint
  •  Washboard

Processing of the interior walls:

  •  Bricks
  •  Putty
  •  Painting

Interior walls:

  •  The processing of the interior walls is supposed to regulate the climate in the rooms and to serve as sound insulation.
  •  The aim is to protect the masonry from the atmospheric conditions and preserve the construction and physical properties of the walls.


  •  Bricks formed of “Earth, Water, Air, and Fire” are in fact 100% natural product “Natur pur”, ensuring completely healthy lifestyle.
  •  Ceramic bricks have microporous capillary structure and thus are able to breathe absorbing extra humidity and vice versa releasing moisture when  low relative humidity is observed  in the room  i.e. acting as microclimate natural regulator.
  •  Bricks have this unique feature that they can act as a natural air conditioner: temperature fluctuations equalize due to give and take of heat.
  •  A brick wall accumulates heat in a way that the rooms are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, temperature fluctuation equalize and a comfortable temperature of the inner walls surface is kept.
  •  Bricks are extremely resistant: they are rustproof; they age well, they will not oxidize like metals, decompose like plastics or burn and rot like wood does; they are resistant to chemical attack and they are also resistant to attack by microorganisms.
  •  Bricks are baked at min. 900оC thus actually burning and becoming fireproof.
  •  Ceramic blocks have vertical hollows, many chambers, relevantly thick inner and outer walls ensuring excellent acoustic insulation.
  •  Ceramic blocks have a maximum term of exploitation, which is 100 years, guaranteed.
  •  Ceramic blocks of don’t need maintenance.

The Construction Supervision and monitoring of the facility is entrusted to the world leader in the branch, leading to ensure:

  •  strict compliance and control of approved construction and installation activities
  •  quality control of construction project and approval of all construction phases
  •  international quality control of the construction process
  •  highly qualified and internationally experienced stuff.

The apartments are fully completed, equipped with inverter air conditioners, bathrooms with glass shower cabins, accessories, interior and front doors. Floors – laminate with a special Fibran insulation. 

The company is a developer of more than 55 000 sq.m. of building area at the Black sea coast of Bulgaria in the region of Sunny beach resort, including holiday complexes Rainbow 1 (2005), Rainbow 2 (2008), Rainbow 3 Resort Club(2009), Sea Isle (Rainbow 4 – 2010); the exclusive VIP beachfront aparthotel GOLDEN RAINBOW VIP Residence (2011) with panoramic sea view, the amazing year-round French Riviera-style complex Romance Marine (2013) with many year-round amenities available to its guests; Messembria Palace (2014) – a true palace for those who prefer a comfortable year-round stay; Riviera Garden – an year-round complex located in the centre of Ravda resort town. 

We keep on developing year-round complexes such as the successor of Messembria Palace – Messembria Resort with many additional amenities and sorts of entertainment; Romance Paris – all the sights of Paris gathered – our inspiration to create a successor of Romance Marine with a sea view and an exclusive location in Sveti Vlas; Saint John – the complex attracts attention with its stylish appearance and a favourable first line location in the town of Sozopol with beautiful sights  and  amazing sandy beaches.

For maximum comfort of the owners at Golden Rainbow VIP Residence, we take care of the following on year-round basis:

  •  Cleaning and maintenance of outdoor swimming pools and the Jacuzzi
  •  Cleaning and maintenance of indoor swimming pools
  •  Year-round security service and video control
  •  Year-round maintenance of common parts and green areas
  •  Year-round cleaning of common parts and green areas
  •  Year-round management
  •  Receptionists
  •  Maintenance of the building facades
  •  Maintenance of the fitness facilities
  •  Maintenance of Sauna and Turkish bath
  •  Maintenance of all outdoor facilities
  •  Parking
  •  Electricity and water expenses for the pool and the common area
  •  Maintenance of the lifts
  •  Hot SPOT Rainbow Wi-Fi internet in the entire complex and in each apartment

Our company offers additional services as follows:

  •  Professional property management
  •  Professional property management through the registered hotelier and licensed tour operator – Rentals.BG EOOD
  •  Transfers to/from Burgas, Varna and Sofia airports
  •  Istanbul tours and other excursions throughout Bulgaria
  •  Cleaning of the apartments
  •  Bed linens laundry and ironing 

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