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We present you our complex – “Romance Paris” – three minutes from the sea with its own spa centre, warm pool, restaurant and fitness!

We chose the location for this project between the town of Sveti Vlas, a favorite of the Bulgarian elite, and the top resort Sunny Beach.

Romance Paris is 250m. from the sandy beach and borders with the former sanatorium for treatment of the respiratory tract, where now stands the largest five-star club hotel on the coast with its own park “RIU Helios Paradise”.

The complex consists of 8 floors, has 96 apartments – studios, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and penthouses.

Sunny Beach and the modern yacht port of St. Vlas can be easily reached on foot, by bike or by bus.

The place is exceptional due to the natural cycling of the mountain and sea air, at which specific high air ionization is achieved, especially beneficial to health and providing conditions for the prevention of many respiratory diseases.

“Romance Paris” faces the sea, while the location of the complex provides a unique panorama of the sea and mountains. Sitting on the balcony, you can enjoy the incredible beauty of the sunset – a view that will remain in memory for a long time.

The advantages of the complex are not limited to this, since going downstairs you will have the opportunity to swim in the indoor warm pool, use the jacuzzi, sauna, hammam or enjoy a massage.

You can also keep yourself in shape in the complex’s fitness, after which you can pamper yourself with a delicious dinner in our restaurant.

The coastline is turned to the south and is a kind of natural Riviera with numerous bays suitable for swimming in the sea. The coast is divided into three separate beaches, covered with fine golden sand.

The architecture of “Romance Paris” is an improvisation on the theme Renaissance with notes of Baroque and Neoclassicism, united in a single elegant composition. Delicate colors and elegant lines of the building radiate softness.

Attraction and details:

  •  Replica a small version of Eiffel Tower, handmade by iron.
  •  Replica of Triumphal Arch, full hand-machined from the original 3D model to the smallest detail with simulated environment.
  •  A small version of bridge of love over the swimming pool.
  •  A small version of glass Louvre Pyramid
  •  Restaurant “Notre Dame”
  •  Lobby – a copy of the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles .


  •  Panoramic sea view;
  •  Heated indoor swimming pool;
  •  Outdoor swimming pool and relax zone;
  •  Restaurant “Notre Dame de Pari”;
  •  GYM ;
  •  SPA-Centre;
  •  Turkish bath;
  •  Saunа;
  •  Massage;
  •  Reception;
  •  24h security;
  •  Parking.

1. Outdoor pool, paved with glass tiles;
2. The bridge of love;
3. An exact copy of the Eiffel Tower;
4. Restaurant “Notre Dame de Paris”;
5. Fitness;
6. Massage room;
7. Relax zone;
8. Elevators;
9. Sauna;
10. Sh;
11. Pyramid of the Louvre;
12. Sun beds;
13. Jacuzzi;
14. Hamam;
15. Lift;
16. Beauty salon;
17. Lobby;
18. Barber shop;
19. SPA;
20. Indoor pool;
21. Triumphal Arch

For this new addition to our portfolio we’ve chosen a special location – Sveti Vlas.

The place is extraordinary because of the constant circulation of sea breeze and mountain air, which leads to air ionization – favorable for the health and creating conditions for prophylaxis of respiratory and lung diseases.


For this new addition to our portfolio we’ve chosen a special location on the territory between Sunny beach resort and Saint Vlas. Romance Paris located on the 250 meters from the beach and next to Romance Paris was a popular socialistic balneological sanatorium for treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory and lung diseases, and now there are the biggest five stars club hotel “RIU Helios Paradise” with own park.

Coast line facing the South and is a kind of natural riviera with numerous of bays suitable for bathing in the sea.

Location of Romance Paris is a unique combination of nearest resort Sunny beach and Marina Dinevi. Very quick access by foot, by bus or bicycle.


There are three separate beaches of fine gold sand. Thanks to the southern exposure you can enjoy the magnificent view to the Old Town of Nessebar.

Romance Paris is facing to the sea and the denivelation of the territory provides unique panoramic sea view and Mountain View. The sunsets here are unforgettable and you will love to sit on the balcony and enjoy one of them.

The face of the complex is south. On Southeast side you may enjoy the sea sunrise. Front south side has a view to the ancient town of Nessebar and view to the Southwest cost of the Sunny beach resort. On the North side has a panoramic Mountain view to “Stara planina”.

Saint Vlas offers a unique blend of mountain and sea, average amount of 280 days per  year and a lot of fresh air, which makes it an ideal place for both relaxation and sea treatment.

This small and relatively young Bulgarian resort is located just 2 km from the large tourist center Sunny Beach and 10 km from the town of Nessebar. Initially, the city was called Larisa and after the adoption of Christianity by local residents, the city was renamed Saint Vlas, this happened in the XIVth century. Saint Vlas is still the patron saint of the city. In XIV-XVIII there was a monastery on the territory of the city dedicated to this great martyr. Now only the ruins of the monastery remained. Not far from St. Vlas are the remains of another four Orthodox monasteries that were burned by pirates.

Saint Vlas is a favorite resting place of respectable Bulgarians, therefore, the resort is especially careful to monitor cleanliness and safety. Here are the summer residences of many deputies and mayors.

The attractiveness of St. Vlas is also in the fact that it has an unusual landscape that combines the mountain and the sea, due to which a wind rose is created, previously there was located a sanatorium for a treatment of the respiratory tract. There is a lot of greenery in the area, there are eco-walking paths in the mountains. The city is surrounded on one side by a coniferous forest, on the other by the sea – the microclimate that is being created is very useful for people suffering from lung diseases. Not far from here a powerful mountain range goes into the sea and the road ends, so the city does not stand on the roadway.

The central road of St. Vlas flows into Sunny Beach, and it into Nessebar, thus forming a crescent-shaped coast.

Marina Dinevi is located in Sveti Vlas, impressive with its luxury. This place is pleasant in the afternoon for unhurried walks, rental of yachts or even photo shoots, in the evening you can have a wonderful time in one of the top-class restaurants located right there or visit a disco. In the summer here starts an unforgettable rally on premium cars.

We pay special attention to the quality of the construction, which is why Wienerberger Porotherm bricks of the highest quality are used, famous for their characteristics to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our strategy does not allow us to use compromise materials during the construction, since the humidity on the coast is quite high and low-quality materials are inadmissible. Heat insulation system with EPS 8cm. Roefix EPS 70F, dowels, mesh and glue-spackling mixture Roefix Karbon.

It does not rot, is stable in cold and heat, has a low hygroscopicity, does not burn, has very good sound-proofing qualities, thanks to which, besides thermal insulation, it successfully applies sound insulation to noise. Each complex that we have built has quality assurance. All apartments are “turnkey” – floors: laminate and tiles, painted walls, fully equipped bathrooms, air conditioning, conclusions for the kitchens.


The apartments are finished with painted walls, lights, floor with laminate and tiles, fully equipped bathrooms, air condition.

The building is monolithically created out of natural materials, brick walls- Wienerberger Porotherm, thermal and hydro installation, painted walls, lighting, and others details according to the project.

Apartments (as per the approved architectural project) – the walls and the ceilings– putty and latex paint. Aluminium profile of the all of corners.  

The Floors (excluding bathroom and WC)  – terracotta tiles; the floor in the living rooms and the bedrooms – laminate flooring; the utility rooms, the bathrooms and the toilets – walls – faience tiles, fully equipped with sinks, faucets, monoblock toilets, showers.

Windows– weather resistant profile as per project, doors – internal doors and front doors all installations – completed as per the project, installed main distribution board.



I believe, since you read my message, you have decided to choose a property on the coast of Bulgaria, whether for recreation, investment or living. Before you opens a wide range of proposals of different formats, below I structured for you the main accents in the work of our company and described our new complexes:

1) Developer with many years of experience – 14 years on the market, 12 built complexes, more than 1,200 sales and satisfied customers;
2) The only developer, covering the best territorial location of the complexes, both for life and for investment: Sunny Beach, Saint Vlas, Ravda, Sozopol and the capital Sofia;
3) Each complex is built in a unique style. Buildings are not similar to each other, the design is selected specifically, taking into account the surrounding terrain, the investor’s idea and the wishes of the customers. The only developer who creates projects not on a “conveyor base”, selecting for each of them a personal image;
4) Romance Paris is the best themed complex on the south coast, combining:
· Unique location – the complex is located in three minutes walking distance from the sea and the sandy beach on one side and surrounded by greenery and mountains on the other. Thanks to this unique combination of air in this area is not just fresh, but also healing;
· Quality of construction – the complex is made of Austrian brick and finished with natural stone travertine, which in summer keeps cool, and in winter it is warm. The company provides a guarantee for construction;
· Thoughtful layout of the apartments – with a view to the sea and to the mountains;
· Rich infrastructure of the complex: its own SPA center – a warm pool, sauna, hamam, fitness, reception, restaurant.
· Closed protected territory is an obligatory condition for each of our complexes;
· Developed area, where the complex is located – the biggest supermarket in St. Vlas, bus stop, pharmacy, fruit shops, diving center, restaurants;
5) “St. John 2” – a cozy complex on the first line of the sea in the favorite place of Sozopol.
· The first line of the sea – the complex is located in a minute from the beach, the beach itself is ennobled, calm and not overpopulated by tourists. This location is considered to be one of the best on the coast of Bulgaria;
· The pristine nature – in the coastal zones, the green areas favorite by the resting people usually turn into buildings, we have picked up a place where the virgin nature and state protected dunes are preserved, which gives apartment owners the opportunity to relax from the city’s bustle and plunge into their own oasis on the southern coast;
· Specific apartments – all type apartments, you will have a magnificent panorama to the sea or to the mountains;
· Quality of construction – like all our complexes, “Saint John” is built from the best European materials;
· Real estate management-our company also maintains the complexes in a proper, well-maintained form, taking care of cleanliness and comfort;
· Option of renting-by purchasing real estate, you get not only a quality summer vacation, but also an option to rent an apartment through our company, gaining profitability.
The company is a developer of more than 55 000 sq.m. of building area at the Black sea coast of Bulgaria in the region of Sunny beach resort, including holiday complexes Rainbow 1 (2005), Rainbow 2 (2008), Rainbow 3 Resort Club(2009), Sea Isle (Rainbow 4 – 2010); the exclusive VIP beachfront aparthotel GOLDEN RAINBOW VIP Residence (2011) with panoramic sea view, the amazing year-round French Riviera-style complex Romance Marine (2013) with many year-round amenities available to its guests; Messembria Palace (2014) – a true palace for those who prefer a comfortable year-round stay; Riviera Garden – an year-round complex located in the centre of Ravda resort town. 

We keep on developing year-round complexes such as the successor of Messembria Palace – Messembria Resort with many additional amenities and sorts of entertainment; Romance Paris – all the sights of Paris gathered – our inspiration to create a successor of Romance Marine with a sea view and an exclusive location in Sveti Vlas; Saint John – the complex attracts attention with its stylish appearance and a favourable first line location in the town of Sozopol with beautiful sights  and  amazing sandy beaches.

In our work with clients, our main goal is to listen carefully to their wishes and materialize their requirements.  

Each new complex in our portfolio would turn out to be a masterpiece and attract the attention of passers-by, who stop to make some photos. 

The happy face of an owner, relaxing in his new apartment is what we enjoy most about our work. For some of the owners their property becomes a second home, for others – a profitable investment. 

  •  We’ve developed over 55 000 sq. m. of building area.
  •  So far all of our buildings have been completed on time, without any delays and in compliance with the deadlines according to the contracts with our clients.
  •  There haven’t been any lawsuits against the company from partners, contractors or clients during the years of its work.
  •  We’ve been recommended by satisfied clients to more than 50% of our new clients

However, we are not content with the achieved, but we keep creating and coming up with new ideas and projects!

Yours Faithfully!

Immo Rainbow

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