Nessebar and Sunny Beach

Nessebar and Sunny Beach 14

Church St. John Aliturgetos – Nessebar

The church “St. John Aliturgetos” also called “St. Ivan the Unconsecrated” is located in the southern part of the Old Town of Nessebar, above the …

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Nessebar and Sunny Beach 15

Church of Saint Sophia – Nessebar

From the sights of Nessebar this week we will present the Church of Saint Sophia. The Basilica of St. Sophia (Old Metropolis) is one of …

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Nessebar and Sunny Beach 16

The Statue of the Fisherman in Nessebar

The new symbol of Nessebar – “The Statue of the Fisherman” is located on the south side of the isthmus. It is the work of …

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