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Welcome to https://immorainbow.com, hereinafter referred to as the “RENTALS.BG” Ltd. Website or Website. These Terms of Service contain information about the services provided by the Company through this Website and govern the relationship between it and each of the Users.

Please read these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully before using this Website. If you have any questions, you can contact us at +359 877 93 77 77 or e-mail: office@immorainbow.bg, or by using the contact form on this Website. Their acceptance is entirely voluntary, but if not done, you would not be able to use the services provided on this site to the fullest. These Terms and Conditions only bind you after you have accepted them explicitly, and you can do so by explicitly referencing these Terms and Conditions when making a request using the contact form on the Website. If you do not agree with any of them, You should not use this site.


  1. These General Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate the relations between the owner of the Website “RENTALS.BG” ltd with the seat and address of management: 1680 Sofia, Krasno selo District, 58 Bulgaria Blvd., fl. 2, ap. 10, registered at TRNLNC with the Registry Agency with UIC 175264986, tel: +359 877 93 77 77, e-mail: office@immorainbow.bg, hereinafter referred to as the Provider and the users, hereinafter referred to as the Users, of the provided from it Information Society Services, hereinafter referred to as the Service.
    For the purposes of the preceding sentence:
    User is any person who has visited this Website from the moment on which the device used (mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc.) displays information included on the website https://immorainbow.bg/ until now to terminate its access to the information that is part of the Website;
    Information society services are such services, including the provision of commercial communications, which are usually remunerated and provided remotely through the use of electronic means after express statement by the recipient of the service.


  1. Through the Website the User can get acquainted with the services offered by the Provider, which include:
    – Offers for the sale of real estate in gated complexes;
    – Access to publications, news, blog articles, etc .;
    – Opportunities for searching information on the Website;
    – Contacting the Provider by sending inquiries.
    2. By using the Website, the User may examine the gated complexes and dwellings offered for sale in them and obtain up-to-date, complete and accurate information pertaining to them. All relationships regarding the purchase of real estate and the related services are governed by the conclusion of a contract with the respective investor, even when the contract is concluded electronically. Detailed information is provided upon request. All contracts, agreements and annexes to the contracts and agreements, as well as the necessary protocols, declarations, etc. documents shall be drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, taking into account the will of the parties, the usual requisites in practice, the internal organization and activity of the investors, under the conditions of complete confidentiality of the data provided and in compliance with the data protection policy.
    3. The Provider provides and the Users use the Service in accordance with the parameters announced on this Website.


1. The prices of the properties offered on the Website are indicated in Euro, VAT included.
2. The Provider has the right to change the prices announced on the Website in the offers for the offered real estate, and these changes will not affect the concluded contracts.



1. Right to change published information
The Provider has the right at any time and in its sole discretion or in case of legislative changes to update and modify the Website, as well as to limit or suspend the provision of some or all of the services without being obliged to notify Users in advance and without liability. for that. In the case of amendments, they shall become binding upon the parties to the Terms and Conditions from the moment of their publication on the Website.

2. Privacy Policy
As the data controller, the Provider has taken all necessary measures to protect the personal data of the User in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. personal data, the Bulgarian legislation on the protection of personal data and modern technologies for receiving, processing and protection of the received personal data. You can find full information on this subject by following this link to “Privacy Policy“:

The website immorainbow.bg has the right to install cookies on the User’s computer, which are saved from the website on the hard disk of the User and allow the recovery of information about the User about the collection of statistics regarding the visits to the Website . For more details, please refer to the following link to Cookie Policy.

4.Unsolicited e-mails
The Provider has the right to send unsolicited commercial communications to the Users of the Website with which to provide information about the services offered by him (newsletter, offers, advertisements, announcements, news, surveys, etc.). They are distributed free of charge and at the discretion of the Provider. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to receive commercial communications within the meaning of the preceding sentence. The User has the right to object to the sending of commercial messages by sending to the Provider electronically a written refusal of unsolicited commercial messages, after which it will be deleted from the list of recipients of these messages. The cancellation can be claimed by following this link or via the unsubscribe link in the e-mails that the User receives.

5. Intellectual property

5.1. The Provider and its partners own the entire content of this Website, which includes all published texts, photos, images, illustrations, graphics, computer programs and any other information available on the Website, as well as the Immorainbow trademark, logo and other corporate symbols, images and trademarks appearing on the Website. The content of the Website is subject to protection under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, the Trademarks and Geographical Indications Act and other relevant legal acts and any unauthorized use thereof will be treated as infringement of intellectual property rights and the Provider will have the right to seek full redress for any damage caused.

5.2. As stated in the previous paragraph, no part of this Website may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the express prior written consent of the Provider or its affiliate, ie. may not be copied, distributed or used as photographs, text, graphics, services, in any medium or computer environment. As a sole exception to the above, it is permissible for the User to use the materials and resources of the Website, insofar as it is necessary for his personal use and is not carried out for commercial purposes, subject to strict restrictions of the terms and conditions set out in these General Terms and Conditions.

5.3. For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, Users are obliged, when using the Website, to comply with these General Terms and Conditions, Bulgarian law, Internet ethics, rules of morality and good morals, including by not violating any property or non-property rights, to immediately notify the Provider of any case of committed or discovered infringement, not to interfere with the procedure for identification of another User, to impersonate another person or to otherwise mislead third parties about their identity or belonging to a particular group of people and in no way perform any action that could impair or violate the rights of the Provider, its partners, employees, other Users or any third parties.

6.1. The Provider is not responsible if for any reason (technical or otherwise) the User does not have access to the Website at any particular time. The User’s access to the Website may be terminated at any time without any obligation for the Company to arise.

6.2. All information on this Website relating to the gated complexes, dwellings and related services offered is provided solely for information purposes of the User. It is updated on a daily basis in view of the continuous changes occurring in the business process, but should always be confirmed by receiving an explicit answer to a request by the following form or by calling on the following telephone numbers: +359 877 93 77 77. Due to continuous changes in the workflow, the Provider is not responsible if the information on the Website is not up-to-date at all times.

6.3. The Provider is not responsible, does not owe compensation for damages and makes no warranties regarding computer viruses, other damaging components, user error, omission, interruption or problem of the system, maintaining the integrity and structure of the Website, which affected the User’s computer and / or theft or damage resulting from the use of information or other materials on this Website. Access to the Website and use (including downloading) of any information from the Website is done by and at the expense of the User, who is solely responsible for providing all necessary measures to protect the device from which the Internet access – The website.

6.4. The Provider is not responsible for the actions of Users in violation of these General Terms and Conditions, including for damages caused by the provided incorrect, misleading, inaccurate information from Users of the Website and / or for offensive or illegal behavior of other users of the Internet page or third parties.

6.5. This Website may contain links to other sites provided for the convenience and information of the User. They are completely independent and the Provider assumes no responsibility for their content, as well as for damages and losses incurred for the User as a result of their use. These sites should be used entirely at the sole responsibility of the particular User, bearing in mind that the Provider does not promote, recommend and / or approve their content.

6.6. In case of systematic violation of the General Terms and Conditions for use of the Website by the User who has accepted them, the Provider has the right to terminate access to the Website from the mobile device, e-mail and IP address of the offender.


  1. The users of the Website have the following rights:
    1.1. browse the contents of the Website;
    1.2. contact the Provider on this Website;
    1.3. use the electronic services provided on this Website.
  2. The users of the Website are obliged to use it in good faith, for its intended purpose and in accordance with the laws and these General Terms and Conditions, such as:
    2.1. have no right to modify, copy, modify, duplicate and / or create derivative or customized, separate or whole parts of the Website, or make available to third parties in any way, in any form, commercial, advertising or other purpose, any content, information, know-how or technology that is derived in whole or in part from the Website;
    2.2. in the use of the Service, the User shall not use software, scripts, programming languages ​​or other technologies that may make it difficult for other users to use the Service;
    2.3. have no right to disable and / or impair the full or partial functionality of the Website, as well as the services offered on it or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part of the Website or to the servers maintained and owned the Supplier;
    2.4. have no right to generate excessive traffic to the Website or to overload traffic to the Website;
    2.5. are not allowed to use the Provider’s trademark or logo.

3.Final provisions

3.1. All communications and notices between the Provider and the User will be considered validly executed if sent in writing. If either party changes its email address without notifying the other party, the latter shall not be liable for any non-received messages, notifications and the like.
3.2. All disputes between the Provider and the User, arising from these General Terms and Conditions and the concluded individual contracts, will be resolved on a long-term basis through the parties between the parties. If no agreement is reached, the dispute is referred to the competent court.
3.3. All issues not settled by the General Terms and Conditions shall be settled in accordance with the effective legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian court has jurisdiction in any dispute. In the event that certain clauses of these General Terms and Conditions, pertaining to the contracts or the annexes to them, governing the relations between the Users and the Provider, are or are declared void or void, this does not violate the validity of the contract for the rest of the contract or the contract as a whole . Invalid clauses are replaced by both parties with other valid clauses that are consistent with the meaning and purpose of the contractual provisions. In case of disagreement on their contents, by analogy the legal provisions governing such relations shall apply.


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