Property details:

Infrastructure facilities:


On the first place, we designed all apartments to have dedicated spaces for every application and use. All apartments have regular perpendicular forms ensuring their practicality and flexibility in choosing and arranging furniture. 

The building itself is a single volume split into 8 residential floors, an underground and ground floor. The  building ‘s entrance faces west and it leads to a staircase landing and an elevator platform with two lifts. Staircase landings lead to two symmetrical wings of the building –  section А and section B The first seven floors hold 9 apartments – 4 in section А and 5 in section B. The eighth floor of the building houses 5 apartments designed with larger floorage.

 The balconies will be aesthetically included into the living space of the apartment by glazing. To achieve this, there will be no thresholds between the balconies and rooms. Glazing is an effective way of increasing usable area allowing for balconies to be used even in unfavorable weather conditions.     The balcony railings will be wrought iron . There will be outdoor facade lighting as well.

The parking will be arranged with parking places and garages. The underground floor will hold 6 garages with 2 parking spaces, 50 parking places and self-service car wash.  The ground floor will hold 4 garages with 2 parking spaces each and additional 4 garages with 1 parking space, the outside adjacent area – 11 more parking places.

Copenhagen Residence – a different residential building with its own character. We started designing the Copenhagen residence driven by the idea to create aesthetically finished building providing maximum comfortable living conditions. 

Copenhagen residence is located in the south-eastern part of Sofia, on Copenhagen Boulevard allowing quick access to Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard and hence to downtown and Sofia airport.   The interconnection of Copenhagen Boulevard and Samokovsko Shose Street ensures very quick access to the south arc of the Ring Road and the turn-off for Borovets Resort. When heading east, Tsarigradko Shose Boulevard provides fast connection with Trakia Motorway and Hemus Motorway. 


The building is close by to the following kindergartens:

–     The SMURFS kindergarten – Drujba 2 Residential Area, Tsarigradski Complex,  Block 286;

–     88 Detski Rai Kindergarten – day nursery;

–     85 Zvezdichka Kindergarten – day nursery;

–     77 Hans Christian Andersen Kindergarten – day nursery.


The building is close by to the following schools:

–     163 Chernorizets Hrabar Primary School;

–     68 Academic Nikola Obreshkov Secondary Comprehensive School;

–     150 Tsar Simeon Parvi Primary School (Drujba 2 Residential Complex);

–     St. Ariadna Professional College of Fashion and Design;  

–     Private College of Transport.


Food chains and commercial malls:

–     Kaufland – 1 Heidelberg Street;

–      LIdl – 30 Dimitar Peshev Boulevard;

–      Billa – 32 Obikolna Street;

–      Jumbo – 11 Obikolna Street;

–     Praktiker –  323 Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard;

–   Metro – 7-11 Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard;

–   Technomarket –  92 Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard;

–   SOFIA OUTLET CENTER –  92А Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard;

–     Inter Expo Center –   147 Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard.

Public transport:

– Tsarigradsko Shose Metro Station – located on 147 Tsarigradsko Shose in front of Inter Expo Center;

– Drujba 2 Metro Station – located between Tsvetan Lazarov Boulevard in Drujba 2 Residential District and Captain Dimitar Slisarevski Street in 1 Drujba Residential District;

– Bus lines 404 and 204;

– Trolleybus number 4;

– Tramcar number 23.


The building is a monolithic reinforced concrete structure. The external walls shall be 25 cm thick brick covered with 8 cm thermal insulation. The internal, partition walls shall be 12 cm brick. The roof slabs and facade shall be covered with required insulation and plaster ensuring comfort, wholeness and longevity of the structure. All columns and slabs shall have optimum reinforcement coefficients. The size of the columns is such as to prevent break – in and impermissible displacement and rotation of the concrete slabs. The building base is a foundation slab ensuring the lack of faults in the walls, floors and ceilings due to uneven subsidence of the ground.      


1.    Household purposes 

The water supply plumbing shall be made of polypropylene pipes. Polypropylene is highly corrosive proof material with high tensile strength and strong resistance to organic solvents.  It has low density, very good hardness and exceptional resistance to chemical substances. Polypropylene is very light with high stretching strength and great thermal resistance which allows installation of pipes even in below zero ambient temperatures and operation at high temperatures. The consumed water shall be metered by individual water meters installed in each apartment. Hot water shall be supplied by central district heating network.     

2.    Fire-fighting purposes 

Fire cabinets shall be mounted on each floor of the building, as part of the original structure.


1.    Household

Drain pipes shall be made of PVC.  This material features good flexibility, elasticity, hydraulic shock tolerance. Pipes shall be corrosive proof. They also dampen noise and vibrations due to the elasticity and noise-absorbing characteristics of the material.  

2.    Rainwater Drainage

There shall be funnels for roof drainage and downspouts to discharge into the horizontal rainwater drainage. The downspouts shall be used to drain balconies as well.  


1.    Lighting and Power supply installations

Each apartment shall have individual electric meters for consumed electricity. The electricity shall be supplied by individual electrical boards installed in the entry hall of each apartment.    

Each electric board shall have several circuits to ensure correct distribution for all electrical consumers.   All fuses shall be automatic and quick-acting to ensure fire safety.  

Fuses for the bathroom leads and all free standing sockets shall have over current protection.

The location of the lighting fixtures in the premises shall depend on the interior design and room designation.

The lighting in the staircase landings and shared residential areas shall be controlled by motion sensors.

2.    Telephone, Internet and TV installations

Every apartment unit shall have separate distribution board for low-voltage installations and all exiting cables shall be guided through a vertical riser to a communication board.   

3.    Intercom and Doorbells

Intercom system includes entrance module listing the names of all residents placed by the entrance door, electrical supply unit  (modular intercome station), installed in the building’s main switchboard and separate apartment phone unit, for use by the residents. 

4.    Lightning Protection

Lightning and thunder protection installation of the building shall consist of lightning protection unit located on the roof. It shall include one grounding rod, steel- made with copper finish.    



The heating installation shall be calculated to provide the necessary level of comfort in the premises during the heating season. The apartments shall be thermal heated through the district heating network of the city. The interconnection with the district heating plant shall be done with pipelines coming out of a local heating distribution station located at the basement level of the building.  Bedrooms and living rooms shall be equipped with necessary tubing for air conditioning. All air conditioners shall have predetermined flush mounting places (on the facade). Bathrooms and WC rooms  shall have suction ventilators for domestic needs installed to ensure extraction of the necessary air volumes. In the kitchens, the statutory air extraction levels shall be ensured by vertical branches.

The apartments shall be handed over to their future owners in the following condition:

·         Apartment walls – brickwork, plaster, first coat.

·         Installed apartment door and window frames.

·         Flooring – cement .

·         Electrical installation shall be fully finished, with leads for sockets, plugs, lighting fixtures.

·         Water and canal connections- at defined places.

·         Piping connections for the heating installation.

·         Bathrooms will be plastered, ready for wall and floor covering.

·          Living rooms and bedrooms shall have an outlined tubing for future mounting of air conditioners.   

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